2022 Civic Sedan

The All New 2022 Honda Civic

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Calmer ride.

The quiet is in the details. From sculpted roof to streamlined door handles, every inch of the new Civic is carefully crafted to reduce noise for a calmer ride.

Available LED fog lights and mirror-integrated LED turn signals.

When things get hazy or foggy, available LED fog lights help clear things up. Plus, teamed up with mirror-integrated LED turn signals, other drivers will be better able to track your next move.

Open cockpit design.

Clean, comfortable, and quietly peaceful, the Civic’s refreshing open cockpit design aims to put you in a good mood, with a functional layout that is easy to use and fun to enjoy.

Available BOSE® premium sound system.

Pump up the volume and enjoy the premium sound of an available BOSE® premium sound system on Touring edition with 12 speakers.

High-resolution navigation screen.

Equipped with exceptional navigation screen evolved from previous generations for a more user-friendly experience, getting around in the 2022 Civic couldn’t be easier.

Available Parking Sensors.

Out of sight, not out of mind. Available parking sensors on the 2022 Civic not only provide assistance while parking, but also send helpful alerts for obstacles out of your line-of-sight.

2022 Honda CR-V Sensing® Technologies

New front camera.

Catch virtually everything in your peripheral and beyond. With a widened view and improved recognition technology, the new front camera is engineered to detect white lines, curbs, other vehicles and humans.

Forward Collison Warning (FCW) System.

The FCW system is designed to detect the presence of the vehicles in front of you and issue audible, visual and tactile alerts if you’re approaching with too much speed. If you fail to respond, CMBS® is triggered into operation.

Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).

The LKAS is engineered to gently correct your steering if you begin to leave a detected lane without signaling, applying torque progressively to the steering to help guide you back to the centre of the lane.

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