Lease Guard

Lease Guard

Stress free leasing made easy.

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We don’t just protect your Honda. We also help protect your wallet.

Gravel roads & potholes, stray shopping carts & parking lot dings – not to mention kids & dogs and the effect they can have on your vehicle! We all know mishaps happen. Unfortunately they can be costly to repair. When you lease a vehicle, you are responsible for paying those charges at the end of your lease.

With Honda Plus Lease-Guard, you get to leave the worrying to us.

For less than $15 a month*, you’re protected. Missing item? No problem! Dent & dings? You’re covered for up to $1000 each! Stains? Rips? Worn tires? Scratched rims? It’s all taken care of – plus a whole lot more! Never a deductible & no claim forms required.

Upgrade to Lease-Guard Pro and we’ll even take care of your windshield & touch up paint repairs as they happen. It really couldn’t be easier.

∗ Based on 60 month lease

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